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 Bleach Chronicles

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PostSubject: Bleach Chronicles   Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:25 pm


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Bleach Chronicles

Once again, peace returned to the races. Quiet spread throughout the world and for awhile, they liked it, but that peace and quiet wasn't there long enough to appreciate to the maximum. Of course, war returned. Only a perfect world with perfect beings would have no war and this world wasn't perfect. The Shinigami are currently trying to hunt down the Vizards. They helped each other on some occasions for each other's well-being, but the masked army known as Vizards wanted to have freedom and not have to hide within the realm of the living. Vastly outnumbered, the Vizard is struggling to fight, but they have a secret weapon. The Vizard Leader has acquired the knowledge to transform shinigami into Vizard with a device which is said to be the safest way to go about going through Hollowfication. Still, they are vastly outnumbered with only few new recruits. They have allied themselves with the Bounto Race.

For the Arrancar, they are still keeping a close eye on the Shinigami, but they are concentration on eliminating the humans for now. The Shinigami have always been lacking when it came to protecting humans in the realm of the living and attacks were easy until the Ascended Humans came along. They have taken out a large portion of the army of hollows and has weakened them, and so, they are going through a great battle. The Quincy are trying to find a way to be free themselves and have decided to claim some part of Hueco Mundo as their home. They are going through a battle with Arrancar as well and they have allied themselves with the humans.

Who will you be in this battle?

Note: I have already put up the button of Bleach Serenity on my site.
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Bleach Chronicles
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