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 Sitting on peace with Zilo(Zilo)

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J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_

J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_

Sitting on peace with Zilo(Zilo) Empty
PostSubject: Sitting on peace with Zilo(Zilo)   Sitting on peace with Zilo(Zilo) EmptyWed Oct 27, 2010 7:04 pm

J decided to walk around in the rukongai and speak with the residents of it. As he walked he kept remembering that battle. The battle with that arrancar. He tried to remember his name then suddenly he saw the man in his old life. Same everything. It was Zilo donvest. He was one of the peole that killed J as a arrancar. He gasped thinking how he became an arrancar. Then he noticed he and Zilo were the same. They were ultimate beings. They had both passed through the races and learned their grief and sorrow. J decided to meet Zilo again and make an alliance with him.
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Sitting on peace with Zilo(Zilo)
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