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 Who the hell is this?

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Kurokon Shikyo

Kurokon Shikyo

PostSubject: Who the hell is this?   Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:46 pm

Benitakai walked through rukongai, a random shinigami had thought he was a spirit, and konso'd him. Benitakai took this chance to see what had happened. He missed his old friends already. In truth he could go back to being captain commander, since he had never stated he was going to destroy soul society, hell for all they knew he went to meet his old friends. He had never done anything to them either, except faking his death in a fight with zilo. He had to hand it to him, the kid was good, not nearly on his level, but better than some captains.


When life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemon juice into someone's eyes and run like hell.

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Who the hell is this?
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