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 Beautiful Soul (song)

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Beautiful Soul (song) Empty
PostSubject: Beautiful Soul (song)   Beautiful Soul (song) EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 6:16 am

Not sure if this belongs here, either way i made a new song after a decade, im happy ^_^

This song is nothing like me (except for the tortured soul part). Just tells something about souls i guess ><

I dunno the message, I usually do, but i hope you learn something from it someway, somehow. (even if i didn't)

Beautiful Soul

Upon a star, I wished you came
like a prince in white from a fairytale
your eyes were blue, your nose was tall
and your hair was dark like my tortured soul

Then you held my hand and spun to dance
but somehow i knew this was my only chance
and the clock ticks twelve you realize
that im just a witch under disguise

Ooh, how i could wish
that you could be
the one i love (2x)

Ooh, how i could wish
that i could be
the one you love (2x)

--- --- --- --- --- ---

That's pretty much it ^_^

Listen to it if you like.
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Beautiful Soul (song)
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