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 Bleach the Soul

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Koori Yuki

Koori Yuki

PostSubject: Bleach the Soul   Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:29 am

Bleach the Soul

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A new role-paying site where YOU decide what will happen next. Make your own character, place as an old character and decide the very course of history, whether good or evil.


The winter war is finally over and as such everybody is left to pick up the pieces. The arrancar and espada retreat back to Hueco Mundo, having experienced huge losses to their numbers, including the death of Aizen, and the Shinigami also leave to return to Soul Society, which is in uproar over the death of the Captain-Commander.

The Seireitei is in chaos as many captains try to become the new captain-commander, and the place is divided as many of the noble households get involved in the scene, using their influence to push their way into power and control the Shinigami. While this is happening, in Hueco Mundo the espada are experiencing a similar problem of who will lead, causing confusion and chaos. The espada, while not agreeing on a leader as of yet, all agree that once a leader is appointed then they will seek revenge on the Shinigami, but for that to happen they will need a very powerful leader, one that can lead them to victory.

Will the Shinigami be able to sort themselves out before the espada pick a new leader and come knocking, bringing with them another war, one so large it made the winter war seem like a walk in the park? And in all this mess just where will the vizard, forgotten in the aftermath of the war, place their allegiance?


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Bleach the Soul
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