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 Laboratory 112 {Open, with free wi-fi}

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Laboratory 112 {Open, with free wi-fi} Empty
PostSubject: Laboratory 112 {Open, with free wi-fi}   Laboratory 112 {Open, with free wi-fi} EmptySat Aug 14, 2010 12:53 pm

It was a a fine day for experimentation, Uruha had everything she need. A bag of living world chips, a laptop and a comfortable big boss chair all freshly shifted from the living world by her request.

She did call a few favors from the higher ups, and they finally gave in, she lived in a time where the internet was only booming, and she wanted to see what the whole thing was about, so she set up a network for where she can access the world wide web through the 12th Division Laboratory 112.

She had a days battery all saved up, powerful enough to give electricity for the room, it was air conditioned, something she requested yet again, for some reason, she felt really lucky, or that they just couldn't stand her nagging and complaining, then again, she was happy enough to get what she wanted.

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Laboratory 112 {Open, with free wi-fi}
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