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 Moving and Sad event coming soon.

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Moving and Sad event coming soon. Empty
PostSubject: Moving and Sad event coming soon.   Moving and Sad event coming soon. EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 6:06 pm

This is not my main absence topic, but I am moving to Florida from Ohio in a week. I only have comp. at my dads. I will be on at my grandmothers whenever I can, but I am moving In with my aunt until my mom moves down and buys a house. EEk. My Grandfather is dying of bone cancer and he just got paralyzed by having his back bones get crumbled or something like that. He is going to die in supposedly 5-7 days.

I will be on a lot though. I think my aunt has a laptop for she has a facebook so yea, I will be active. I am still gonna be a part of this site.
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Moving and Sad event coming soon.
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