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 Arcade Games!

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Jonny Awesome

Jonny Awesome

PostSubject: Arcade Games!   Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:50 pm

*The game is finished. Check the download at the bottom!
Pokemon Raptor EX is released.

Well, nothing to say much...

Prizes I won.
I'm going to introduce myself. I'm OmegaGroudon, I've been a game
developer since quite a while now. Yes, I'm here to present my recent
project, POKEMON RAPTOR...

The story starts with a scene where STEVEN is teaching you about
with a pokemon. When you finish learning, you are asked for choosing one
pokemon from the three SINNOH starter.

Then, you will have to defeat gym leaders, collect badges and so on
you met TEAM HUNTER, a team that lead by sixteen trainer which is known
as CHAOS SIXTEENTH. They try to collect plates from legendary Pokemon
to summon the God of the Pokemon, ARCEUS...

Adventurous and interesting storyline happened when you try to stop
them from summoning ARCEUS. You’ll have to face challenges, defeat
enemies and save the world...

Now, the explaination of CHAOS SIXTEENTH since lots of people don't
understand what it means.


- Brand new region to explore
- Interesting storyline
- Hero and Heroin from Pokemon Ranger
- All pokemon available to catch
- 3 starter from Sinnoh
- Get a National Pokedex at the beginning
- Catch legendary pokemon through its own story
- More choice than “Yes” or “No”
- Lots of Minigames
- PokeDevice instead of PokeGear or PokeNavi
- Mailing system replaced phone system ( maybe cancel )




Hoenn and Jotho comes soon~


From Left to Right then jump to the lower part and left to right.

Beetle badge : A beetle-liked badge which enable the owner to control
the "lust" emotion of a human.
Volt badge : A v-shaped badge which enable the owner to control the
"gluttony" emotion of a human.
Break badge : A badge which looks like cracked earth. It enable the
owner to control the "greed" emotion of a human.
Blizzard badge : An ice shard-liked badge which enable the owner to
control the "sloth" emotion of a human.
Peck badge : A beak-liked badge which enable the owner to control the
"wrath" emotion of a human.
Burn badge : A flare-liked badge which enable the owner to control the
"envy" emotion of a human.
Deep badge : A giant squid-liked badge which enable the owner to control
the "pride" emotion of a human.

Pokemon Raptor EX screens:

New Screenies:


Map: 100%
Pokemon Sprite: 100%
Trainer Sprite: 100%
Trainer Data: 100%
Pokemon Data: 100%
Graphics: 100%
Storyline: 100%
Special events: 100%
Minigame: 100%

My Team
OmegaGroudon == Project Director, Event Maker, Graphic Designer, Mapper,

ShinyLugia249 == Project 2nd Director, Co-Founder, Beta Tester,
Gamma == Storyline, Adviser, Mapper
KingBlade == Beta Tester, Adviser
Kiralim== Spriter
Darkchild == Grammar Corrector
Adam == Dialog
Youaman == Mapper
Phoenixprime == Mapper
Zephry Gale == Spriter
Imtheomega == Scripter
Archayos == Advisor, eventor, coder, helper, supporter... ( and even
teacher ).
Atomic_Reactor == Mapper
Venom12 == Mapper
ShadowArcanine == Spriter
Darkcookie_93 == Idealist
KiNG08 == Idealist, Thread manager
kcrew == Idealist
Salamence09 == Idealist, Thread manager
Sonic Smash Down == Idealist, Thread manager
Eeveon == Thread manager
StarRaven == Spriter, Artist, Idealist.

Flameguru and Poccils == Starter Kit
Avatar == Provides Resources
Skyslayer == Inspiring me for his Pokemon Fangame!
Vavavoom == Inspiring me for his Pokemon Fangame!
Krimm == Inspiring me for his Pokemon Fangame!
Kiralim==Some sprites
WAH == For trees sprite
Marth271 == Ash character sprite
Plateman == Designing badges
Meep43 == Riley sprite
Atomic_Reactor == For DIVINE type.
Marine Angemon == Sound and Music compresser
Jake == For hero character sprite
Imtheomega == Intro script
Shun == PMD sprites

Special Thanks
Wichu == Helping me when I met scripting problem.
Flameguru == Helping me when I met scripting problem.
Floating Monkey Pirate == Always giving me idea.
ShinyLugia == Willing to share me his resources.

Hall of Fame

Monkeyboi's team

Venom12's team

GoOnRed's team

Matti28's team

Zeta Dimentio's team

eclips's team

kashin's team

starmile's team

istorie's team

The newest version

Pokemon Raptor EX
Release date : 15/2/2010 ?o0mqqddmynettma

Faqs and Walkthrough
Here's a full walkthrough made by Monkeyboi.
Pokemon Raptor Walkthrough
Comment : A good walkthrough. It guide you all the way to the end of the

Pokemon Location guide:

Here's a support banner :






by knight

by ShadowPand3monium

Please support the game by placing the banner in your signature!

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Jonny Awesome

Jonny Awesome

PostSubject: Re: Arcade Games!   Wed Jul 14, 2010 6:51 pm

Download: ?hm0hgmem2gzmrzy

Q: How do you
play this game?

A: It's a download and play game, all programs come with the game
so no emulators or other such things will be necessary.

Note: Push F11 for full screen page view
for better results

Program made in: RMXP
Language: Ruby, Rgss

Hello once again Everyone, my name Is <~F.M.P~> or <~Flood~>
for those who don't know, and I'm the creator of Pokemon:Carbon
Version, but this isn't a Pokemon thread is it? So let's talk Digimon!
Welcome to the first In progress Digimon game in RMXP on PC. For a
couple weeks now Ryushin5(Ryu), Likewise(El), and myself have been
working secretly on a New Project as you all know now that is called
Digimon World Alpha. I really need to thank these two as well as the new
team for not only bringing my inspiration back, but for also working so
diligently to make this game a possibility. Without their inspiration,
this game would not be here .

Now that that's out of the way, shall we get onto things?

Welcome to the world Of Digimon(Digital monsters)As a young boy/girl,
you have just entered the Digimon card game tournament. The winner will
get a rare card to add to their deck and $500. You decide to enter, so
you quickly go the card shop to get stronger cards for your deck. When
you get there you notice a card that you have never seen before on the
shelves, a mysterious black and gold card, you ask the store owner what
that card is and store owner is baffled he had never seen that card
before so you think to yourself that it must be some kind of rare card.
You then decide to buy it for the tournament. The next day the
tournament begins and before participants can go to the stadium their
decks must be checked for illegal cards (illegal cards are cards that
are banned from the game for having special abilities that are to strong
for a normal Digimon to have) you go to the registration desk for them
to check your deck they then notice the unknown card that you had
recently bought and check the database to see if that card is legal, but
comes up inconclusive meaning that the card doesn't even exist so they
mark that card as illegal and tell you that you can't enter the
tournament. You go home Disappointed that you can't enter the
tournament, so you decide to go on the computer and check the standings
but, as soon as you turn on the computer something weird begins to
happen you could swear you're seeing 2 Digimon fighting on your screen!
in what it looks to be the digital world, one of the Digimon defeats the
other and it seems like the battle is over but, for some odd reason It
seems the Digimon that won is staring, staring at you, that Digimon was
looking right at you through the screen and as it reached it's hand
forward you begin to back up scared it was then that fog started coming
from the computer and that mysterious card that you had bought from the
store started to let off an ominous glow. you pick it up and out of
nowhere there is a bright shining light and in the light you can hear a
voice saying "Digitize, Welcome young tamer to the digital world".
Your new adventure begins.

- All DS styled Digimon are back
- Digi-fakes will be around
- Tons of new Characters
- A twisted and mysteryious storyline
- The Digimon Trading card game makes another appearance
- New Custom Battle system unlike any other Digimon game you've seen
- Ds Digimon and Megaman styled Tiles including many new customs
- Mini games
- Gym leaders take the scene once more as in Digimon world 3

The New Digivice and Male and Female Hero


Kidomon Concept and it's Champion Form


The Battle System

The first event in the game...or part of it anyway lol

Junpei City, the first Place you'll be introduced to in the game.


The Battle System(Expect this to really improve)

The Titlescreen(Currently outdated since I worked on a new and more
professional looking one )

An Isometric Walking demo(Note: the buildings haven't been adjusted so
that you don't walk on them so that's not a glitch, don't worry)


Q: How do you play this game?
A: It's a download and play game, all programs come with the game so no
emulators or other such things will be necessary. Isn't that
convienient? lol

Q: What Digimon will be in this game?
A: All the Digimon from the DS versions of the game will be in this one.

Q: Do you plan on making any Digi-Fakes?
A: Yes we do...there will be about 10-20 in this game, maybe less.

Q: What are Digi-fakes?
A: Digi-Fakes is the name we decided to go with for fake Digimon we
Designed ourselves.

Q: Will this game be long?
A: Yes...Makes it more enjoyable.

Q: When's the Demo going to be released?
A: Please refrain from asking that question T_T

Q: Why did you decide to make a digimon game?
A: Well, I loved Digimon as a kid and Ryu brought the story to me which
brought back my motivation so here it is.

Q: Did you stop working on Carbon?
A: Of course not, Carbon is my establishment...It's where I began with
Game Design...It'll return this summer guaranteed.

Q: Can I help on this game?
A: We're currently full with all the staff we need, but if we have an
opening we will keep you in mind
We also would love everyone's Support by adding one of the support bars,
Give us motivation.

<|F.M.P|> - (Lead, scripting, Spriting, Ideas, Story, Digifake
designer, mapping)
Ryushin5 - (2nd Staff, Graphics, Ideas, story, script editor, mapping)
Likewise - (3rd staff, Graphics. Ideas, story, mapping, CSS designer)
Sakagami Tomoya - (Spriting)
rockleon - (Digifake Designer)
ShadyPenpen - (Graphics, cutscenes, Digifake Designer)
Pika'chu500 - (Digifake designer)


[css-div="padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; border: ridge
4px black; font-variant: small-caps; color: RoyalBlue; background-color:
white ; width: 500px; margin-left: -2px; "]
The MOG team - For the animated scripts
Ty(from RRR) - For Teaching me quite a few new things about scripting
Omega Groudon - For his ready to go templated OW digimon
With the Will Forums - For Most of the Ripped Digimon from The DS games
Glitchfinder - For his Screen Resize script
My Team - For their dedication towards this project thus far
Ryu, El - For Being the biggest help of all
Bandai - For Digimon

If I forgot to credit anyone, please inform me right away.






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Arcade Games!
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