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 Shayz'renth and Beyond-Medieval/Fantasy

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PostSubject: Shayz'renth and Beyond-Medieval/Fantasy   Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:07 pm

A Land of Struggle...
Five countries vary greatly: Kolshtak, a desert home for gypsies, merchants, and knights, who form communities around sources of water; Manti, home to elves and due to a recent civil war, they now strive for peace; Lalan'ay, landlocked, it have become known for its diplomacy and trading routes; Pyroose, the barbarian country with clans fighting bitterly for survival…and Shayz'renth, centered between them and known for having powerful sages who can grant power.

Will you join?
Level: Intermediate
Genre: Medieval Fantasy
Rating: R
Original Birth: 2001
What we offer
Plots: There's a holiday or event each month, and there are several member created plots. It's easy to jump in, whether it's an assassination, a quest, trouble in the temples, or a masquerade.
Places: There are several boards to roleplay in different countries and clans.
Positions & Species: You name it, we probably have it. If not, we're open to new ideas. We also have adoptable characters and important positions to fill.
Friendly and Active Members
A C-box
A Newsletter: We have a newsletter. It's fun, informative, and keeps you up to date.
Details: Lots of information for character development or just for the sake of reading.
Contact Information:
SaB Name: Drakon
AIM: Meushell
YIM: Meushell

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Shayz'renth and Beyond-Medieval/Fantasy
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