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A new Bleach RPG where you can RP as a character in the anime or manga, or make your own.
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 Bleach UR! �Rebirth�

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PostSubject: Bleach UR! �Rebirth�   Mon May 16, 2011 8:09 pm

~This is a special offer for this site, everyone Rping here on Bleach Serenity can become a moderator or Admin on Bleach requiem. This is no bullshit, we need alot of people for staff~

This is Bleach Universe Requiem, the Resurrected version of the hacked bleach universe.

This RP IS packed with Explosive, Un-Censored, Witty Rping Action that gets readers and Posters interested in the RP experience. This RP capitalizes on the concept of RP, Become your Character and get into the Action now and Fast by signing up! There are plenty of Powerful positions available such as the Espada, Captains, Human Orginization leaders and Commanders, Bount conspirators, and MORE!

When you join you can become the Hero, Be the guy who saves everyone and become Very popular among the Community for it. OR you can

Or become a Villain and Carve your name into the memories of everyone who challenges you and those who follow you.

The Choice is entirely up to you. If you lead an Orginization such as the Soul society or SCS 7 (A Human Spirit hunting orginization created by Matrium Cailus) then you can choose whether or not you want the members of your Organization to be the protagonists of the RP or the antagonists of the RP.

We have a Unique Creation system, one that introduces the popular Letter Rank system for both Player Lethality AND Player Disciplines. Once you join there are many things you can create for the character you create, Everything from Custom Ginto, Yes we have our own Custom Ginto list for Quincy, to To Custom Kido.

-RP Mod
-Creation Mod
-Graphics Mod

We are looking for people who think themselves fit for these Positions. Join now and show us what you're made of! >:3

You've read what I had to tell you, Join now! There is nothing to fear from this, you can just try Rping here with us and see if you enjoy it!


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Bleach UR! �Rebirth�
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