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 Bleach: War Among Souls

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J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_

J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_

PostSubject: Bleach: War Among Souls   Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:06 am

Plot: Once again, peace returned. Of course, that peace wasn't appreciated much since war and bloodshed soon returned. Oh, yes. WAR. Humans, Shinigami, Quincy, Hollow, Bount, and every live being cannot live without war. And so, a new leader runs the newly made espada. However, they are said to be stronger than the last generation, . However, they are not raging war upon the Shinigami. Instead, they are fighting the Bounto. For a very petty reasons. It is because the Bounto refused to ally themselves with so called 'scum' they called Arrancar. The two races battle each other in an epic clash as the shinigamis and vaizard are trying to fix broken pieces. The past burdens them, but they must ally. And so, the vizard are attempting a successful return in the Soul Society and see how it goes... The Quincy, one of the rarest, are fighting against Superhuman. Because the superhumans feel they don't need the help of Bow-holders who don't know Hand to Hand. Who will you be in the madness?

The Espada have seemed to of made the first strike with a small fight in Kagamino city. The bount had seemed to have the upper hand till the espada brought out snake like creatures. What will happen next?

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Bleach: War Among Souls
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