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 Dark wood circus

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PostSubject: Dark wood circus   Dark wood circus EmptyFri Nov 26, 2010 5:54 pm

"Oh you're here,you're here! the dark wood circus!, tonight we will be showing the sad fate that some of this world carry, children that God has abandoned, restlessly creeping out, children who can't even carry the trembling limbs that they were born with; their shaking tongues even accidently cry out;the crowns of their head that caress the dark clouds.they smile as they dream of their mother's embrace...Welcome to the circus!" The little girl dressed in red, read over the flyer that announced the opening of the circus. The girl looked up to see a circus carrige drive by. "oh! the deformity!" she exclaimed while eagerly walking off towards the path that would lead her to the circus.It lead her deep into the forest,as she walked she noticed the open tents that was set up nice and high for all to see. the little girl smiled at the sight.There she was greeted by the chairman.who stood ten meters tall with his big glowing eyes as bright as stars. Facinated she continued to walk.THe cast was quite jolly.she had discovered as a couple stood 30 feet tall. a man and a woman. the woman gave her a smile as she smoothed out her green dress and tossed her blond ponytail over her shoulder as the man tilted his hat in greeting. The little girl gave a small smile in return. maybe it wouldnt be so bad after all.maybe this would be fun! the eerie circus music was coming from the tent which the tall woman's hand pointed towards. she spotted a nice big hole in the tent where the main attraction set up. Slowly, the little girl peeked through. and this is what she saw..

The two headed one. Two forteen year old twin heads that was cut off and stiched back onto a single body. they were blond, with pale skin, and suken eyes. tear drop makeup trailed down their cheeks.the left head was a boy and the right head was a girl. they wore a shirt that was half blue and orange.white baggy pants with black stripes. and no shoes.

The Deformed Diva.a lovely sixteen year old girl with long green hair that fell down her back and light gray skin. a metal blindfold covered her eyes. she wore a strapless gray gownwith red and blue designs over it. it covered her lower body except her left leg. the thigh looking like a diranged lump of flesh. she wore this with black heels. she sang sweetly to the crowd while they made fun of her deformation.

Then there was the blue beast. a twenty year old cannibal with shaggy blue hair that fell over his hungry eyes. he wore nothing but blue.his arms strapped to his sides. he would devour the limbs of the dead in front of the crowd for their intertainment.


it was five minutes before showtime and everyone was ready to begin.above them was a portrait of a woman dressed in red with a fan over her face. The diva was locked in her cage,her head leaning against the cage bars. tears falling down her cheeks. The two headed one gently removed the metal blindfold from her pretty face. her eyes were a lovely blue color. she looked up at the twin headed one. and tearfully asked."is there anyone...anyone at all that wish that i was alive? even in this undesirable body that i live in?" the twin headed ones tilted their head slightly.causing the diva to sit up straight.clutching the bars gently as she whispered."why do they look at me like that? how can they laugh at my face that is slowly beginning to rot?"the diva looked up above and to the girl's horror she saw the woman in the portrait hanging from the ceiling. her corpse slowly festering away.some pieces of flesh fell down upon the deformed ones below. causing the little girl to step back slightly in fear.when there was no answer, the diva sloutched. hiding her face in her hands and gently began to sob miserably.themale twin head sighed softly."i know....its painful,its painful...but it cant be helped.." he answered gently as his hand reached up and stroked her hair."we made a promise to stay together, and continue this circus...for the rest of our lives.." He wrapped a strand of her hair around his fist and gave it a gentle kiss, then released it as it was time for the two headed one's act to begin.

He and his twin head walked out of the room and into the spotlight. they both put on fake smiles as they waved to the cruel crowd. "its fun! this circus is so fun!" The female head said enthusiastically to the crowd who clapped and cheered in response. meanwhile back into the corner of the ring. the diva looked up at the hanging corpse above her head. as the woman's rotting flesh fell upon her face the diva silently called out to god."i want to die....i wish to die...just get me out of here...please i'm tired of all of this, those cruel people out there....they don't know!they think they have seen true suffering, but they havent! they think they know how it feels. but in reality, its impossible for the likes of them to say and feel the way i do...." the little girl's gaze fell down to the floor. the diva's words were correct. remorse filled the little girl's heart. she regretting coming to the circus. the little girl clentched her fists. suddenly she heard a rustling noise. she turned and looked up only to be wisked away by the ring master.

the tall couple embraced each other and silently danced outside of the tent under the little stars. as the people started to leave the circus in groups. going over what they had saw. unaware of the feelings that the deformed ones felt at their arrival. This, is the cruelty that was the darkwood circus.

People wander around the streets. reading the flyers that were handed out by a little girl in a red dress that covered her body except her face.on the right side of her head, a pattern was formed over it. She smiled up at the passing adults and children and said."its fun...."

Darkwood circus:
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Dark wood circus
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