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 Akatsuki Legends

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Drake Nightingale

Drake Nightingale

PostSubject: Akatsuki Legends   Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:01 am

The Bijuu hunt is over, and the Akatsuki were flawlessly victorious. In this alternate world the glorious Akatsuki captured all bijuu with minimal difficulty. They all fought valiantly and never did any of them fall in the line of duty. After their success at reviving the Juubi; the Akatsuki ran the world with an iron fist with Madara, Pain, and Konan as its rulers. The rest of the Akatsuki went on to lead various villages as types of feudal lords with some even starting families. But as all things they came to an end. They all slowly let death creep up on them and soon faded away. With no one to control the wild Juubi, with his dying breath Pain separated the demon into nine new beast to be housed into human host once again.
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Akatsuki Legends
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