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 The Flower Garden.....The Viper

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PostSubject: The Flower Garden.....The Viper   Thu Nov 04, 2010 3:15 pm

Messing with Tomix was kinda of an bad idea then if what he read from his demon books then something horrible has happen to alchemy using arrancar, he could worry about that. A lot of things were happen were demons were coming into Karakura town torn between his loyalty to Isphaleum or coming back to Grimmjow's side and helping him stop the threat before the shinigami. Darque didn't want anymore distractions before he could consider and relearning alchemy for himself, he would have to find some way to unto what Tomix did and send these demon monsters back to Hell. This was going to be an impossible task being an hero again like before, he would only wish peace would last for a little longer then those feelings came back again about love again. He opened an garganta into the Soul society, Darque enters the Squad four barracks looking at the flower garden nobody would come into here except the captain and squad members. Darsh was looking at the flower garden seeing one flower that caught his attention the pink dahlia kind of a sacred flower maybe used to create special kinds of herbs perhaps herbal tea.

However, Darque had a quiet place for the time being if any shinigami came he would use an garganta to escape. The former espada was still having doubts about what Tomix said to him thinking he could undo everything but with the demon books in Tomix's care, Darque was in such gridlock. "Isphaleum might kill Tomix if he can clean up this demon mess...I can't help him either ohhhhhh... Why must peace die so quickly by violence and greed?" He said.
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Reikou Yuuri


PostSubject: Re: The Flower Garden.....The Viper   Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:11 am

the only way to enter soul soceity is through the senkai gate, also remeber that the walls surronding the seireitei is covered by a forcefield that will block out all reaitsu.


The duty of a captain commander is to protect the soul society and the shinigami against darkness and suffering...but it makes me wonder...who is there to protect me against my darkness and suffering? You know who, Guest?


A memory...

Yuuri`s zanpaktou spirit
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The Flower Garden.....The Viper
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