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A new Bleach RPG where you can RP as a character in the anime or manga, or make your own.
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J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_


PostSubject: Absence(J)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:46 pm

I'm starting to hate my life. Ive got a bully at school that won't leave me the fuck alone. Does things that well...... Sigh. My grades are bad. And if I don't get more then a C next report card my mom will kill me. My mom is thinking of moving which means she will either leave me or I would have to leave my friends and the girl I love behind. I have bottled up emotions that are slowly coming out which usually produce inner J. (And yes I have a inner me that gets me in big trouble. I go off on people and I have a killer intent when it happens. And I use manga to bottle it up with) I'm taking a week off reading or doing anything about manga or anime. And many other things are going on so this is goodbye. I may be on once a week or something like that.
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