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 Stupid Lyrics to a parody me and my besties made up :3

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Ichisake Mizuki+

Ichisake Mizuki+

Stupid Lyrics to a parody me and my besties made up :3  Empty
PostSubject: Stupid Lyrics to a parody me and my besties made up :3    Stupid Lyrics to a parody me and my besties made up :3  EmptyTue Oct 12, 2010 4:19 pm


momo: so what do you wanna do?*cuddles girlfriend*

girlfriend: hmm I don't know...wanna go to the movies?

Momo: sure! Let's g-

(antagonist appears singing)

tattianna: Hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend!

Tattianna: no way no way I think ya need a boyfriend!

Gilfriend: oh screw you! *pushes momo away and stomps off*

Tattianna: hey hey you you he could be your boyfriend!

(momo and tattianna both look at the txting emo boy approvingly)

Emo boy: *looks up from phone* w-wait but i'm gay!

Momo: oh you suck!

Tattianna: *sings* hey hey you you, you just lost your boyfriend

tattianna: I know I know! I think you need a girlfrien-

momo: *interrupts song* No wait hey!

Tatianna: hey!

Momo: no you hey!

Tatianna: hey!

Momo: no listen to me!

Momo: you just told my girlfriend that you didn't like her! And she stomped off!

Tatianna: I know bu-

momo: no your terrible!

Tatianna: Yeah well at least I'm pretty!

Momo: no you're ugly!

Tatianna: *starts singing in angry tone* hey hey you you it's not my fault he was gay!

Emo boy: actually I'm not gay I just didn't wanna date her

momo: did you see that?

Tatianna: what a rude bastard

Momo: I know right I can't believe he'd just c-

emo boy: *sings while txting* hey hey you you,you're gonna die a virgin

Tatianna: hey hey you you,you just got told!

(hot guy comes into the scene)

hot guy: *sings to momo and *gestures to the emo boy*he's like so whatever and you can do so much better! *points to himself* I think we should get together all I gotta do Is ask.

Hot guy: hey hey you you, wanna be my girlfriend?

Momo: *sings* hey hey you you, you're hot let's go!

Momo: *looks at Tatianna while smirking* who's the pretty one now?!

*random boy appears*

random boy: you guys are screwed up!

Tatianna: hey hey you you,you're gonna be my boyfriend! *grabs him and drags him away*

random boy: wait! Hey! No! I-I don't even LIKE you!

Emo boy:*laughs at the text he recieved* no way!

*gay dude appears*

Gay dude: heeeey wanna be my boyfriend?

Emo boy: O.o; NO WAY!

Emoboy/random boy: HEY! HEY!



momo: best friend named Mackenzie

girlfriend: another friend named Rachael

Tatianna: another friend

Emo boy: me

hot guy: best friend named Jared

random kid: my brother

Gay boy: my best friend Jeremy

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Stupid Lyrics to a parody me and my besties made up :3
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