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 Just a spar (open)

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Byuuto Voruta

Just a spar (open) Empty
PostSubject: Just a spar (open)   Just a spar (open) EmptySun Oct 10, 2010 2:15 pm

Voruta stood in the training grounds as the hot sun beat down on his back, he repeatedly switched his sword between his right and left hands and slashed.

"No..." he said to himself shaking his head.

He slashed ten times with each hand, trying to even out the strength difference. His left arm had always been stronger, but his right arm was incredible when it came to defense. Since he had always used his shield on his right arm, it was better suited for defense. But today, he decided that it would be best if they both had the same capabilities, so he was finally trying his best to get rid of the strength difference.

It wasn't working.

Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe. The sounds rang out repeatedly, but even from just listening he could hear the strength difference. It was almost depressing! He looked around the training grounds as he figured that getting used to fighting with his right arm was probably a better way to get stronger. He kept looking until he spotted a shinigami a few yards away.

"Oi, you!" he said, waving a bit frantically. "Yeah, you! Wanna spar?"

He was probably being too forward, but he was surprised to find that he didn't care.
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Just a spar (open)
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