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 Messiah Prophecies {My original Manga Re-make}

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PostSubject: Messiah Prophecies {My original Manga Re-make}   Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:48 am

I'm trying to re-make my False Messiah Manga which i drew a year ago ( i think ). This time i started at the very beginning, where in the one i drew last year i started one too many chapters ahead.


In a world that ended, humanity remains, and the reason for this, is the so called messiah. Hundreds of centuries had past since the messiah was last seen, leaving the land in peace, the 7 kingdoms waged war upon them selves.

Amongst the 7, one prospered with the lost of others, the kingdom of Carmel.

Prophecy foretold the end of the world, will start with the middle, and within the middle found is the core where the Empire Rise in power. The Empire holds the world within there hands, and with fear of the prophecy, the world feared of the Empire.

And so a world of Chaos was born, there was no longer a battle for land, no longer the thirst for power, Carmel, took it all, the empire owns everything.


Though in general, the story is about a never ending battle for freedom against the empire and the alliance between all kingdoms, it's mostly about a boy named Fix.

He is a 15 year old boy branded as a cursed child for having white hair and crimson red eyes when he goes under the moonlight. Despite being seen as a monster, he never grew bitter of the world, he always did his best be recognized by everyone, be recognized as someone of the like, be recognized as a human.

But despite all his efforts, the only person who's shown affection towards him was his deceased Master Jack Nicholas, King of bevel, given the brand of pirate king for starting an all out rebellion against the Empire.

The beginning of the manga is the death of Jack Nicholas where fix is shown crying over a grave he himself made. It was where he first met Jack 8 years earlier.

Meeting Jack changed his life forever, and from him, he received the happy jack pin which changes his hair color when he wears it.

Bare with me though, i only have 3 pages cleaned and scanlated and stuff, hope it makes sense, here's the 1st 3 pages.

Page 1

Page 2


Page 3

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Messiah Prophecies {My original Manga Re-make}
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