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 A heart shape poem and chocolates(Open to those in 13th Division)

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Zuka Shin


PostSubject: A heart shape poem and chocolates(Open to those in 13th Division)   Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:20 am

It was a rather peaceful day in the world of Soul Society. The orange omnipotent sun loomed in the distance watching over all that underneath it. It was a Friday this meant those that were attending the academy was anxiously waiting to get out of school and start their wonderful weekend. Everyone, except one....Zuka.

“Zuka, I still don’t think this is a good idea.” Him said mentally, to the ten year old who was sitting in a tree scribing something on a piece of paper. Zuka had skipped school today to give his crush a small gift. What was the gift you ask? A small poem and heart shape chocolates! He had read somewhere that females like chocolates. He found this information interesting and thought he might give it a try and share some of his chocolates with her. As anyone would tell you, Zuka had a very big sweet toothed and loved his candy preferably chocolate candy though.

No one has never received chocolates from him, and the reason is because he only share them with those who had a crush on. He doesn’t care if you are a friend or family member, if he doesn’t have a crush on you. You won’t be touching his chocolates ir any other form of candy for that matter. So there he is sitting in a tree, his small child hand working furiously. “There it’s done.” He said to him self, as he signed the body of it and folded the paper into a heart.

Steadily and carefully he would stand up on the branch that he was on, and jumped down from it. Once his right foot hit the ground, he vanished in thin air. Well that wasn’t the case, he was just using Shunpo the one thing that he was above average among his fellow academy students. His feet barely touched the ground, before he came to an abrupted stop standing in front of Rukia’s barracks...or rather room. How did Zuka knew this was Rukia’s room? Well it was simple he had seen her enough times going in there and through some confirmation with teachers.

Without wasting no time, he slowly enters her barracks listening carefully to make sure she wasn’t in there. He would place the heart shape note and the box of chocolates in the center of her room. So when she enters the room, it would be the first thing she sees. And with that he shunpo out of the room stopping outside of it, he begins to casually make his way towards the Academy. As if he didn’t do nothing wrong and such.

((The note to rukia))
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Kuchiki Rukia


PostSubject: Re: A heart shape poem and chocolates(Open to those in 13th Division)   Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:37 pm

Rukia had just come back from the world of the living for a day or two. She needed to get some information her for ichigo. Normally she would just use the information on the her phone , but she could it there. So she neded to check the soul society its self. First she decied to vist her room , to see she had aby books in there. Upon entering she some things on the floor in the middle of the room. The burnette remained still for a moment a wondered how it got there and then who was in her room without her permission. Getting a little closer she had an annoyed look upon her lips. When arrived to its position she noticed it was some choclate hearts and a note.

Still keeping silent she picked up the note and read it through. Shortyly after a werid and confused look came upon her face. What the hell she wondered as she read the note over again. The fourth seat didnt reconize the hadn writtng at all. So, that ruled out yelling at ichigo when she got back to the human world. Picking up one of the heart shaped candies she wondered what she was supposed to do with this stuff. She then walked into hallway wondering what pern left this in her room and went in there infact. Closing the door behind her she looked around for any sign of life.

Turning down a corner she kept on an annoyed facil expression.
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Jūshirō Ukitake


PostSubject: Re: A heart shape poem and chocolates(Open to those in 13th Division)   Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:46 pm

Two pair of eyes glanced at the Event down below with michevous yet cute grins on their small faces, the twins looked at each other from the high point of view as they had been watching/ following the event down below, it was most likeley amusing to them, the twins carried a set of blue clothes that fitted their small bodies perfectly along with their topped hats that almost touched the ceiling where they where being seated, yet they kept silent, they soon got the urge to do something really michevous even if they where not mentallly aware of their habit.

Sōgyo no Kotowari knew Rukia better than anyone besides Ukitake and Byakuya themselfs, because they where a part of Ukitake`s soul, they pulled out their scroll from their sleeves, and pulled out a bottle with a chemical fragrance of flowers, the bottle was sealed for now...

The twins decided to play tricks on the two and opened the seal of the bottle, nothing seemed to happen at first, a small almost devilish grin appeared on their lips, a pink stream of fragrance swiped down from the bottle slowly, It drugged anyone that smelled upon it, the twins covered their noses, the elixir of love, lets see if it would work as well as they had hoped? the pink stream of fragrance came falling down towards its unsuspecting prey, the person who would get affected by this would instatly fall in love with the first person they see of the opposite gender, the effect would last about 15 minutes at best.
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PostSubject: Re: A heart shape poem and chocolates(Open to those in 13th Division)   

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A heart shape poem and chocolates(Open to those in 13th Division)
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