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 Shunsui's Jealousy

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Byakuya Kuchiki™

Byakuya Kuchiki™

Shunsui's Jealousy Empty
PostSubject: Shunsui's Jealousy   Shunsui's Jealousy EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 2:06 pm

Shunsui's Jealousy

He has a pink bankai!


It's flowers!


Why does he get to have everything?



Shunsui blinked and looked up at Ukitake, who was shaking his head. "Shunsui… you're thinking about his bankai again, aren't you? You've got to stop obsessing over it. Remember what happened last time?"


"I want your bankai! Give it to me!"

"Step away…."

"I want it! I need it!"

"Step away at once.…"

"Why does such a stuck up, ungrateful bastard like you get to have a pink bankai? It's not fa- owwwwwww…."

"Hmph. Next time step away."


Shunsui cringed. "Yes, I remember."

"Good. Now please try and think about something else…." Ukitake patted his hand and walked away.

Why does he have such beautiful hair?



If today was your last day
Tomorrow was too late
Could you say good-bye to yesterday?

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Shunsui's Jealousy
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