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 ~My Poetry!

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Byakuya Kuchiki™

Byakuya Kuchiki™

~My Poetry! Empty
PostSubject: ~My Poetry!   ~My Poetry! EmptyFri Oct 01, 2010 1:57 pm

I thought I'd post some of my recent poetry.

The changing leaves, now red and gold
The gentle breeze, cool not cold
The air is fresh
The apples crisp
A blissful calm now descends

Then the days grow longer
Dusk comes fast
The trees shed their leaves, their protective coats
Ready for the chilling winds
The rain is gone
Snow takes its place
Harsh yet gentle
Pure and fresh

Soon enough though, it begins to melt
And the world is left clean and calm
A sparrow's song brightens the longer days
Away with Januaries and forward with May
The ground, once frozen, is now soft and damp
Perfect for the newborn grass

The sun beats down, roasting hot
Wishing for Winter we are not
For the flowers have bloomed, so vibrant and fresh
Some of colors we know, some of colors unnamed
Beauty in all that we see, each and every day

My Anger, My Flames
The anger burns
Like fire
Searing flames
Hungry to destroy.
With each word you muster
My eyes flash
Fists clench
Hatred courses through each vein
So hot
So eager to show my true feelings
But still I wait.
Enduring your wrath
Until the day
My voice can stab
Can tear your flesh
Until my anger,
My fire,
Shreds you at last.

Our Actions
Some things
Are impossible to say with words
Our actions cut deeper
Leave an impact
Carved into us
Like a blade
Digging deep into the flesh
So we can never forget
Can never heal

Beware of the Panther
Swift as the wind
As a bullet
A rocket.
Soundlessly bounding through space
Distance no problem.
So silent
Ready to pounce
With a quick slash of claws
Devour their prey
Show no mercy
No regret
Do what they must to survive.
And then
A low growl
Fierce and powerful
Take heed
For it is watching

Your Words
Your words are like arrows
Sharp and quick
Cutting deep
Tearing me apart
Leaving scars
That never completely heal
And though I smile
Pretend I don't feel their piercing stab
The marks are left
I can never forget

Don't care what you say
Don't care what you think
Try to defeat me
I swear you won't win

You try to act like a man
But you fail completely
Try your hardest
But this time you won't beat me

I don't know if you know this;
But this time the tables are turned
Anything that you do
You'll get back in return

I know more than you think
More than you dream
You think you've fooled me so far
Not even close.

So I've figured out
Everything I can do
To get back at you.


If today was your last day
Tomorrow was too late
Could you say good-bye to yesterday?

~My Poetry! 77777710
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~My Poetry!
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