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 Training with the Zero (Lightning)

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Training with the Zero (Lightning) Empty
PostSubject: Training with the Zero (Lightning)   Training with the Zero (Lightning) EmptyWed Sep 29, 2010 10:02 am

It was around 7 in the evening and the sun was beginning to slowly fall from the sky. The training ground began to empty and soon was nigh on completely empty, bar the few deicated students and teachers who had stayed behind. As he entered the grounds Nichondri began to look around to see if she had arrived, but in fact he couldnt see her just yet. he sighed to himself and walked to the far side of the grounds towards the tree. Along the way he began to strecth his arms and legs getting ready for what was coming. Once he had reached the tree he did some more stertchs in his sleevless kimono. He looked around after he had done his few stretches and then decided to lie down against the tree and have a quick rest. He had had a long day.

He watched as the few remaining began to slowly drift out with only occaisonally a few drifting in. He sat up each time he saw someone come round the corner, but then slacked back again when he couldnt see her. In fact he didnt even know if she was going to come. 'Aw man, I should never of even asked, i expect she's got better things that to worry about me.' He thought to himself as another person began to come round the corner. He got up and began to walk out of the grounds. He was hoping to get in some training to get his skills up, maybe even a few techniques with the lieutenant who used to be in the Royal Guard or the Zero Division. That woulod of been good training too, she could really have pushed him to his limits.

As he began to leave the grounds he guessed he wasnt all that upset. He was quite worried about facing off agaisnt 1, the lieutenant of squad 6 and 2, someone who used to be part of the Royal Guard. 'Well guess i should get some of that paperwork done.' he said aloud as he passed the other shinigami who had just come into the grounds. And thats when he noticed her ....

((OOC: sorry its a bit late and a bit of a shabby story but its all i could think up at the mo Sad ))
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Training with the Zero (Lightning)
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