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 Something different

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PostSubject: Something different   Something different EmptyMon Sep 27, 2010 7:40 pm

In the distance, many could see a man, just sitting in the middle of nowhere, with a sword across his lap. If one would look closer, they would see that this man, was a Shinigami. Even closer, they could see that this man's eyes were closed and it seemed he was a in a meditative state. If one knew the man, they could tell that he was Zetsumei Kaosu, fourth seat of Division one. He had been sitting there for sometime, and it seemed he had been training with his Zanpakutō. He was inside the world of his blade, , and was to be left alone, because he would be left open, until he left that world. Ever moment Zetsu was in the world, his power would spike and lower. It seemed he was getting stronger, just by being in the world. He remained still the whole time, and anything that come in contact with him, would remain there, until the wind moved it. He had all focus on his sword and nothing else. Although he seemed defenseless, he was rather far from it, because he he been attacked, it would awaken him, if he needed to be. If one could see inside the blade of Zetsu, they would see him training, with his Zanpakutō spirit.

Inside the blade, there was a fierce battle going on. It was Zetsu versus Genshuku. Genshuku, was in fact Zetsu's Zanpakuto spirit, if one could see him, it could clearly have been seen. Genshuku was about the same height and weight as Zetsu, but everything else, in the matter of how he looked was different. Genshuku was wearing mostly red, and black, he even wore a mask to hide who he really was. He also held more than one weapon, but it seemed he hardly used the other ones, he mainly used the sword that Zetsu held. The two seemed to be battling neck and neck. It was a good thing on Zetsu's part that he be as good as fighting, as the spirit that was in his Zanpakutō. This meant the two could fight as one, and not to beings, trying to go different ways. The fight they two were having, would be a great one to see. The blades bounced off one another, as they both struck at the same time. After the blades clashed, they disappeared away from another, only to reappear, striking their blades once again. The battle had been going on like this for some time, and not one of them had used the second stage of the Zanpakutō. They were merely using their sword skills to fight one another. It was truly a battle, that Zetsu would remember, for years to come. However, he knew it was far from over, both of them knew that.

Soon, Genshuku has released the blade, and his power increased, and so Zetsu had to do the same thing. Now, each of them were fighting on a much higher scale, even though it seemed the battle had slowed down a great deal. However, it was not the case, they were just using a short of power that weighed each other down, to make them get more out of their training. It was the ability of Genshuku, that allowed each of them to do so. The battle was now, about at the halfway mark, but it would have to be ended here. The battle would last until the two spiritual beings, became one. That would end when Zetsu mastered his bankai, so they two would be fighting for many more years. Genshuku smiled at Zetsu and waved him off. "Our next battle, will be in your world." Genshuku said before Zetsu left. Zetsu had no idea what he was talking about, but maybe it meant that he was a little closer to bankai. Either way, it had seemed someone had been around the area, and it was perfect timing on Zetsu's part that he had opened his eyes.

Zetsu soon jumped into the air and turned around. His eyes still half shut, because it seemed he had almost fallen asleep. A smirk was soon seen on his face, because he knew now that he would get a fight, that wasn't against someone he knew a lot about. They would not have the same ability, meaning that it would be a much harder fight, but also meant that it could be much easier. Either way, he knew that he could have a little spar, and it would show what he could do as the fourth seat of his division. He had not gotten in a real fight for ages, and it was about time to. He had hoped it was a rank about his own, because it would show that his fourth seat, was not enough for him. He had high hopes in his skill and knew where they stood. He took his sword and held it tight. "Alright, come out, come out, where ever you are."
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Something different
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