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 New Little Lieutenant! (Aoide)

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Kiku Hotaru

Kiku Hotaru

New Little Lieutenant! (Aoide) Empty
PostSubject: New Little Lieutenant! (Aoide)   New Little Lieutenant! (Aoide) EmptySun Sep 26, 2010 3:57 pm

Kiku yawned as she strolled through the Seireitai, green umbrella straggling lazily behind her. She smiled and waved to each shinigami that passed her. She thought back on her days at the Kido Corps. She liked it there, but with no Grand Kido Cheif, she couldn't do much. She had asked for a transfer to one of the Gotei divisions, the 4th Division. She had been told it was for healing and cleaning, the cleaning which she didn't mind. But healing, oh how Kiku loved to help people, and healing just meant another way. But she had been asked to follow the directions to the barracks and meet the captain. While she was walking, Kiku whipped out a huge bag of candy. She started to casually munch on candies, and within' five minutes, the whole bag was gone. She shrugged and tossed the bag behind her, when she started to remember that she still had the Kido Corps insignia emblazoned on the back of her sweater. She frowned slightly, but didn't mind. That'd just be something she'd have to fix later on. She finally grinned brightly as she stood at the doors of the 4th Division barracks. She walked into the division and waved rapidly to everyone, already extremely hyper. "Hiiiiiiiii there!!" Kiku shouted loudly. She walked forward past shinigami with bewildered looks on there faces. Kiku arrived at the door of the captains office, and knocked very slowly and loudly. That was her "warning knock". She finally burst into the room and grinned. "Hellooo, I am your new liuetenant!" Kiku yelled with a toothy smile.
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New Little Lieutenant! (Aoide)
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