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 Shinobi Awakening

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Mr. Purple

Mr. Purple

PostSubject: Shinobi Awakening   Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:10 am

A quick overview of the Plot

Keep in mind that things can change according to your own personal adventures.

I am also the Head Administrator on this here site. So feel free to drop by and say Heller, not to mention Role Play too.

The 5 Great Nations are opened.

Kage Positions
Akatsuki and other Organizations.
Missing Ninjas
Bijuu and Jinchuriki of course.

So please come over and show some support ^_^

The story of Shinobi Awakening takes place in an alternate time line of the Narutoverse. The set up is still the same but the cannon Characters have little on the storyline as a whole. The great awakening of the Shinobi takes place 500 years after the original Naruto time line. Wars came and went and the almost extinct clans even began to rebuild themselves. The Bijuu that lends strength to various nations also underwent a few changes. Many Shinobi attempted to do the one thing which most tried so hard to prevent. And even with substantial resistance, someone was still able to succeed. A group of Shinobi that wanted to rule the Shinobi world came from the darkness. Their objective was just as cliché as any other, but their methods were effective. As a result, this group of Shinobi went on a hunt, their targets being the Bijuu of the world. This anonymous group of Shinobi were ruthless and uncompromising. They were most of all determined to achieve their goals and so they did. The Shinobi group known as the Reshiato 7, managed to obtain all 9 tailed beast. But their ambition didn’t just stop at controlling these beasts. These men and women wanted it all, even if it meant destroying everything while they were at it. The Reshiato 7 was a band of Shinobi who possessed extraordinary abilities. And they showed that off, by actually summoning for the Jūbi to the Shinobi world once more. This of course would become a disaster and so the Shinobi world went to war.

Alliances were formed and some were broken after years of peace. The 5 Great Shinobi Nations went to war, but the Reshiato 7, gave a few of the smaller Nations hope. And with the power that the Reshiato 7 held, it was enough to challenge the greater nations. The five Kages understood the implications of this. But even the 5 great Nations were fighting among themselves. The darkness had taken control over everything, while the world yearned for the light. But where there is a will, there is a way and even in the darkest moments some still had hope. This hope of theirs was enough to prevent the darkness from consuming the light. The 5 Great Nations called an uneasy truce and began working together to neutralize the current threat. As a result, the most skilled of Shinobi was brought together and the war was now on. No one wanted to back down and with good reason too. The Jūbi would of course play a major part in all of this. But the “Light” wouldn’t submit to the darkness. The forbidden techniques were no longer forbidden, now that the world was in peril. The war carried on for years and the whole world was filled with despair. There was no longer any light or darkness, only shades of Grey.

Time went by and a showdown soon occurred between the strongest of them all. Both sides came together on the battlefield for the grand finale. But surprisingly the special weapon of the Reshiato 7 was never theirs to be commanded. The malice that men showed towards each other only served to strengthen the beast. The Jūbi was once again released, but quickly turned on those who wished to use it as a weapon. The beast began to rampage and in no time, both sides has suffered a numerous casualties. Even the most important and most wanted Shinobi suffered and despaired under the might of the beast. In one last effort however, an assembly of Fuuinjutsu masters came together. And with their own special powers, they were able to confine the beast. But confinement wasn’t the answer, the needed to split the Jūbi’s chakra. This was accomplished but many lives were lost and sacrifices were made. As a result also, most of the nine tailed beast underwent a change. They took on a new form with new abilities. The powers of these beasts were said to be a manifestation of those that lost their lives abilities. Although the Shinobi had succeeded in confining the beast, peace was never to be. It was however faked and was to easily be tampered with. The truce that was formed was fickle and it was a matter of time before another war would start. The world once again started to rebuild itself. The question that plagued the mind of everyone is; will this peace even last? Only you can answer that question and only you can decide whether it does or not. So what will it be? Join the countless others who want to maintain the peace. And the others that would instead seek to upset the balance. The choice is yours!

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Shinobi Awakening
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