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 Bleach: Souru no fukkatsu

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J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_

J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_

PostSubject: Bleach: Souru no fukkatsu   Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:59 am


Aizen has defeated the the 13 squads and now with them weaker he has decided to take over the soul society.aizen and the arrancar leave karakura town for the soul society where they find few shinigami most of which have no positions they go to war with these shinigami and easily defeat them,but destroy most of the soul society while doing so.with the shinigami out the way they take over little does aizen know there is a group of rebels these rebels come in contact with the shinigami in the human world and they begin to make plans together

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Bleach: Souru no fukkatsu
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