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 Getting to know each other

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Kurokon Shikyo


PostSubject: Getting to know each other   Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:51 pm

just post some random shit about yourself here so we can get to know ya a little better ^^

My name is Larry, please call me that, or kuro or kon, any of those is fine. I'm about fifteen and ive been called insane and evil, im a nice guy to my friends, but sometimes my friends fight and it fucks up alot... but I really dont have much to say, I REALLY hate stupidity, and i am somewhat scared of spiders... dont laugh at that one spider can kill you with a single bite and you might never know it bit you... anyway I'd call myself a decent rper, and a good person to rely on.... also... i have a bad past so dont bring up anything about it...


When life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemon juice into someone's eyes and run like hell.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know each other   Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:09 pm

I'm me, I'm lazy and rarely put effort in anything. If only someone could motivate me! That is all, really.
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Koori Yuki


PostSubject: Re: Getting to know each other   Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:13 am

Hiya ^^ I'm Jasmine, but I go by Jasmine (for obvious reasons Very Happy), Jaz, Yuki, Koori, or whatever else you think up (as long as it isn't bad Very Happy) I'm 16, though I'll be 17 in April, which is really soon (I wish Very Happy) I'm usually reserved around people I don't know or don't like - not shy, just quiet - but with my friends, while still reserved it isn't as much. I'm extremely competitive - like extremely, just think of the most competitive person you know and times them by a hundred and you have me Very Happy Also, I don't like to lose, though I'm a gracious loser and am fair, so I never give the person who beat me a hard time, and I congratulate them and all that, but I feel disappointed in myself; something I feel often as I have standards which I always try to reach, but they're so ridiculously high that I can't always reach them, if ever.

I'm also extremely antisocial (anybody notice how I'm never on the c-box?), and I find it hard to trust anybody and to get close to people, so most of my relationships are only surface deep - which frustrates a lot of people but I can't help it. I like to think that I'm a fairly nice person - but that could just be a subjective view on my part ^^ - and I like to solve problems rather than create them; though, while I hate conflict, I absolutely love arguing, which is probably why I'm so in to politics ^^

Also, I'm rarely serious - though I can be when I want - and I love jokes - my best friend say that every conversation becomes so much more better when I'm in it ^^

I'm not really into listening to music, but I love playing it. I can play proficiently the flute, piano and violin, and I also dabble a little in singing. I also like reading and playing sports with soccer being my favourite, and one of my greatest passions is cooking.

However, I tend to lose interest in things quickly >.< Which is annoying, and I try not to but I can't help it ^^ Also, I have mild (though a lot of people would say it was extreme) OCD, which is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ^^

One of the things that I like most in this world is... COFFEE!!! It's the best drink in the entire world, seriously! Anyways... I also like games - any kind of games - video games, outdoor games, indoor games, made-up games, mind games Very Happy etc, though the mind games that I sometimes like to play annoys people because I can play them so well ^^ (not always something to brag about - but I swear, I'm not sadistic or cruel or anything like that - I only play them when I'm bored ^^)

I love watching movies - every type and every genre EXCEPT horror - I hate horror with a vengence, which is ironic because I've just recently started writing a horror story (writing is another thing I love to do ^^) I don't get easily creeped out or scared, and I can hide my emotions so well and make myself seem something else that I can always fool people - so even when I'm scared I don't show it normally.

When I was a lot younger I used to think it was a weakness to let others see you cry, which I now know is completely stupid, but it can't stop the conditioning so I rarely cry when others are present. I like to think that I'm a very strong person both physically and emotionally - most people say I'm 'headstrong', and I always like to be independent.

My favourite season is winter because I love the cold - way more than the stupid heat >.< - and I hate the beach, which is apparently considered a mortal sin where I live. Also, I can't wait to finish school in two years and move to University, where I'm going to study medicine to be a doctor Very Happy

Anyways, that is a little bit about the complexity which is me, and I think I wrote a bit much, but oh well Very Happy Though reading back over it I don't sound like the best kind of person to get to know and be friends with, but I'm a lot better than what it looks in words Very Happy


'Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there's footprints on the moon.'

Koori (Last name) Yuki (first name)
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know each other   Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:56 am

Well, I guess I'll write about me.
I'm Mitchell, I'm almost 15, and I look like L. Anyway, I consider myself smart, but my maths teacher thinks otherwise. >.> I am insanely lazy, which is apparent to my friends, as I can't be stuffed to do things, but I always have loved writing, as shown by my Red vs Blue fanfiction on I'm GreenEarthEagle by the way.

I am a massive video gamer, particualy when it comes to Halo. Trust me, I get addicted to these things, so I drink coffee to keep me going. I love movies, especially in the type of Cloverfield, which is my favourite movie of all. I also am a great fan of Horror, with the exception of the HUMAN CENTEPIDE (First Sequence).

Well, that's me in a nutshell.


"Our friend's hopes and dreams are etched into it's body. Transforming the Infinate Darkness into Light. Unmatched in Heaven and Earth. One Machine to equal the gods! Super Galaxy Gurren Lagaan! We'll show you the power...of the HUMAN RACE. ~Simon

We locked away our own kind and haulted our evolution! Do you have the sheer fortitude that is on par with that!? We say, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" ~Anti-Spiral

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know each other   Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:00 am

My name is long and it's freakin weird,it's Isabella Rihanna Nieves-Stames.I am 14 gonna be 15 on September 9th.I'm hispanic,and Greek. My moms random my dad's a smartass and my little brother is hyper...all the time!!!

To be honest,I have autisim though it's not severe.

I only have five real friends though they don't live near me so it's kinda rare that I see them after school.i am a victim to harrassment.I am bullied constantly about everything.the way I act the way I look/dress, my heritage everything.despite the fact that if I try i could probably get used to being a loner, I don't.I need friendship because I almost always have this feeling of loneliness in my heart.when I'm at home I close the empty feeling by either listening to music,drawing ,getting online.or praying to god.

I have a big family.lots of cousins and uncles and aunts.but a very few cousins actually pay attention to favorite cousin was Kathy for many reasons.she was beautiful inside and out.she was never mean towards anyone.or had the heart to.she was sweet,kind and caring.she was also very shy.she too had a horrible past and she had a empty social life but instead of withering away,she simply continued to bloom this I respected her and loved her dearly. When she was killed in the car accident I felt as if half of my being shattered for the moment.I cried and didn't stop for three weeks.the only reason why I stopped was because I literally couldn't cry anymore.
My self confidence pretty much went down the drain after that.I draw,write,pray and listen to music more than ever.

As a lot of you know I'm pretty random and I'm weird.i'm pretty playful and immature at times and in rl I'm the same thing except I can sometimes be loud,say something to make someone laugh.then walk away kingdom hearts Nazi style. When I'm angry I'm even louder,Ill swear (not at my house though) I'll even get kinda violent; I call my sudden anger my inner bitch because i tend to be sarcastic and kinda mean. When I'm sad....well it's kinda obvious isn't it? Lol

I am a Christian,I believe there is a god, Jesus, angels,Satan and demons.i believe there is a heaven and hell.

According to my family and friends you really can't get bored with me.when I am bored I will either wander around outside looking for something to do.or if it's too cold to go outside I'll wander around in my home.take random pics,go online,or text somebody.when I see my own reflection I tend to make random faces.mostly I frown because I know that one day the mirror can't take the ugliness and it'll shatter and I'll have to be the one to clean it up since my parents will think it's me who broke it.

I love to dance even though I'm no good.i'll sing,sometimes.and I'll sometimes even dance and sing.but that's rare.

I am a tomboy.straight out.I HATE dresses,blouses skirts and skinny jeans. I also can't stand flip flops.I'll either wear sneakers or I'll go barefoot.I prefer to wear t shirts,jeans and some hat.and occasionally I'll wear skinny jeans. But not much. I also love sports.mostly soccer,football and basketball.

I have a song for every occasion.but my favorite theme is my "run away from popo theme" and my song for that is I think,"riding dirty. And my indepenant song is uprising by muse.

If people insist I'm from another planet I will say I'm from Saturn not mars.

When I'm bored I love playing shit like truth or dare,and the nervous game.I rarely get nervous in fact if someone touches me inappropriately during the game i will most likely either slap them or laugh. Don't ask

if there is a problem I will most likely say,"don't worry guys I'm a ninja,I've got this!" but then maters get worse and i get injured.

My friend and I shall be the saviors of the earth: there will be a day when beiber hits puberty and when he does 9 year old fangirls will go on a rampage to destroy the earth but me and my friend shall chase them away with heavy metal and the earth shall be saved! Very Happy

When I'm not with friends.and i'm around people I don't know I get quiet.I guess it's because I don't want people to think I'm a freak or something.believe it or not,if it's someone I know I do care what they think about me.due to my past of being called "ugly" "retarded"ect. I don't believe it when people tell me that I'm smart or pretty.I have a very low self estem and I don't think much of myself.I have a hard time hating someone.despite what I say or how I act. I actually love and care about everyone that is nice to me.someone to actually show that they care about someone like me makes me feel takes away the pain of the past and helps me heal.i care about my friend's happiness and it hurts me when they are in pain.when situations get bad I do cry,even though I don't want to.I'm not afraid to tell people how I feel.

My favorite colors are blue,green,black,gray,silver,and purple.

I love itallian and Chinese food and surprisingly I don't like spicy foods.

I love all the seasons.cold or warm.though I prefer warmer weather.I also love the coolness of winter.

I love to read and write.humor,action adventure,history,horror ect.if it's good I'll read it.

I am no stranger to music,i love all kinds of music.though I'm not crazy about country.

I love animals. And I have a little black dog named nela.I got her when I was 11 or 10.

you want more info about me simply pm me or talk with me on the cb and I will most likely convince you that i am an alien...Ty amd have a nice day ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know each other   Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:36 pm

aigh guess i can post here cause im bored

name is michael but my friends call me mike sadly my friends arnt that many but the few i have id trust with my life

well im 23 and im swedish/ ½ finish. hm well iwe been rping since iwe been 12 so not hard to guess that its one of me intrests ^^ also like to read mostly fantasy or sci fi but also one or another vamire book like the onces of anne rise ( if u havent read her books and u like vampires i suggest you do) . also like to play video games watch tv just sit at the balcony lookin at the stars ( lame i know T_T ) and hang out with my friends
i have 5 sisters all of them younger than me

2 biological sisters
1 ½ sister (only dad incommon)
2 step sisters (older of them is a real (censur) )

well thats a little quick bout me ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know each other   

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Getting to know each other
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