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 Silent As the Grave

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Sen Go

Silent As the Grave Empty
PostSubject: Silent As the Grave   Silent As the Grave EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 3:13 pm

Silent as the grave
No one has yet to walk through
I sit unafraid
As outside the world moves round
I don't know why, where is sound.

Sen looked up from his notebook to see the hall way he was in empty still. The poem had come to his head and he knew he needed to write it down before it escaped. He put the book away in his pocket and reached up and touched Baka, his Zan-pac-to, again as if to reassure himself it was there, though the familiar weight was comforting against his back. His eyes strayed across the bland hallway again and wondered if everyone had just decided to take the day off. He was looking for his Vice captain, or even his captain to find out if there was anyway he could be sent to Huecto Mundo to fight the Hollow in their natural environment. He was through just fighting them in the wilderness of the Soul Society and wanted some real action. He turned a corner and looked up, not really watching where he was going.
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Silent As the Grave
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