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 A new start of ........

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J Sosuke_Sq.8 Lt_


PostSubject: A new start of ........   Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:04 pm

After an hour of healing he came out of the wormhole and stepped from it. He saw many people run into there homes. He didn't care of them. He looked at the wall to the seireitei and yawn. He smelled blood near by. But something covered up the blood smell a sweet smell. He heard words of who is that. What is he. He loved those words. When he got to the ground he tasted the taste of a fight about to start. He then felt the ground and how dense it was and the air pressure.

J started to walk toward the sweet smell. But then he stopped seeing another guard to the gates of the seireitei. He backed up a little hiding his spiritual energy. In this small part of the rukon the people there were very nice. they really didn't care that he was intruder. They helped him out a little telling him the danger of the shinigami and how ruthless byakuya kuchiki was. J didn't care. He kept walking throughout the rukon waiting for the right time to attack the gate guard.
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A new start of ........
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