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 The talk among the shadows (Yasuo)

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Reikou Yuuri

Reikou Yuuri

The talk among the shadows (Yasuo) Empty
PostSubject: The talk among the shadows (Yasuo)   The talk among the shadows (Yasuo) EmptySat Aug 28, 2010 2:47 pm

She felt uneasy as she walked down the bairly lit hallway, leading to the office of the 12th division captain. Mayuri kurotsuchi had been a captain for the division for over 100 years, but he had retired to focus all of his attention into devolping, not caring about what happend to the squad. Surpringly, he had ordered the 12th division liuetnant, Nemu Kurotsuchi, his own dautgher he had created in a lab using a modified soul, reaitsu and a gaiga, to stay active. A new captain had taken over around 2 weeks ago, and Yuuri had desided to meet him face to face. She would have done it sooner, but due to her non-fatal injury Gin had given her, she had been unable to leave the 4th division barracks. Yuuri was wearing her usual attire, which was: Flat wodden sandals, white socks, a sleeve-less shinigami uniform were the very top of her cleveage was showing, a darkblue ribbon around her waist were the zanpaktou was hanging from in its holster on her right hip, and finaly the white captain haori with the 1th division`s kanji and symbol on the back. Her hair was, as always, loose and reached down to her thights. Since she had been stapped through the left side of the chest, just above her breasts, the bandages covering the wound was hidden by her shinigami uniform.

The young captain commander gulped for a moment, befor she knocked onto the door, oppening it slowy, entering the office. She had never felt safe in the 12th division barracks, and she probably never would. Back when she was a 4th seat in the 4th division, which was around 80 years ago, Mayuri had always been trying to bring her in so he could reseach her reaitsu patterens, and how a double elemented zanpaktou worked, which had let to her being terryfied of the 12th division. After 20 years, she was taken into the 3th division as the 3th seat, and Gin began to get in the way of Mayuri. Mayuri, who easily lost intrest in things, then turned his attention away to something else.

"..Yasuo Taicho, are you in here?", she spoke in her usual gentel voice, through there was a hint of formality in it. Yuuri hated formatilities, which was the reason most called her by her first name, but towards other captains, Yuuri acted formal, well exsept maybe with Kira and Ukitake, but Kira she had known for 60 years and Ukitake..well, it had gotten complicated ever since he had confessed his love to her, and with the apperance of Gin it had messed up her feelings abit.


The talk among the shadows (Yasuo) 66284365The talk among the shadows (Yasuo) 96094089
The duty of a captain commander is to protect the soul society and the shinigami against darkness and suffering...but it makes me wonder...who is there to protect me against my darkness and suffering? You know who, Guest?


A memory...

Yuuri`s zanpaktou spirit
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The talk among the shadows (Yasuo)
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