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 Sake Party and You're Invited!

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PostSubject: Sake Party and You're Invited!   Sake Party and You're Invited! EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 10:06 pm

Captain of Squad Four, Aoide Sato grinned as she kicked open the door to the mountain house she had inherited from her family the day she had become Captain. Servents, under her orders had cleared away the dust and combwebs and were currently preparing the house and grounds for a party. A Sake Party, with no real theme or reason just for the fact that Aoide liked people, sake, and a party. A rather flowery invitation had been sent to all the squad, spritzed with a little apple and peach perfume that Aoide enjoyed. The invitations read:

Dear Gotei 13,

You are invited to a Sake party hosted by Aoide Sato. It will be held in her mountain estate, all food and drinks will be covered by the hostess. Feel free to bring gifts though.

Aoide Sato

Of course directions, date, and times were on the back of the invitations. Aoide's nose twitched at the smell of baking cake, this would be an exciting night. She had encouraged those who rsvped to spend the night, there were plenty of rooms, a hot spring to bath, and plenty to do. No sense in trying to wander back to the Gotei 13, drunk and in the middle of the night.

She dressed herself in a light pink Kimono, and had just finished pinning her pigtail against the back of her head making loops that just touched her shoulders when there was a knock at the door. Bounding downstairs, she swung open the door. "Welcome! Come in!" she said grinning before even taking note who it was.
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Ikkaku Madarame

Ikkaku Madarame

Sake Party and You're Invited! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sake Party and You're Invited!   Sake Party and You're Invited! EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 11:03 pm

Ikkaku walked slowly making his way to the party set up by the captain of squad 4, Aoide, who for some reason he could not stop thinking about. It was odd really how she was on his mind, but that was not too important at the moment. He just had to make his way to the top of this mountain and give her the gift for the party without making an ass of himself like he did at the squad four barracks.

His hands toyed with the black box that was in them wondering if she would even care for the dumb gift that Yumichika helped him make for her. It was his idea admittedly when Yumichika told him of his zanpakuto's real abilities. It was so stupid and corny it was sad to even think about. Like some kind of human date or something, but he had to get it over with and continue to trudge onward.

Each step brought him closer to the summit and the smell of cake and sake filled his nostrils with every step. It smelled excellent, but he would not say that out loud. His eyes fixated upon the door which opened as he walked up to it with Aoide popping out. He nodded to her with a slight smile and turned his head to the side like he was looking at something as he gave her the little black box.

On the inside was a pink corsage that would change colors from red to pink. The pink color glistened and flashed while the red color radiated and seemed to make everything near it glow. He had made Yumichika infuse his reitsu into the average corsage making it a special Ikkaku corsage. It was corny, but it was the best he could do on such short notice so he hoped that she didn't hate it too much. His eyes then went to her.

His black open kimono was simple yet eloquent in the fact that the red trim made it much more classy yet sexy at the same time. It was a pick of Yumichika's with a touch of his very own. His entire torso region could be seen and the speedo he was wearing in case the party went to the pool was damn near visible as well. His traditional red warrior's paint along his eyes was black tonight and , by Yumichika's doing, was glittered as well as the sash that he wore to hold his kimono closed that was satin and bright red.

Aoide put Yumichika's design and anything that Ikkaku could have thought up, about her clothed at least, to shame in every way. She had on a beautiful pink kimono that stopped well above her knees which did in fact intrigue Ikkaku, but her hair was amazing as well. It was bulled back into two ponytail loops that touched her shoulders accenting the natural beauty of her face. Ikkaku took his eyes off her for a split second so not to be considered staring especially when he saw that she had left a part of her kimono open to let her "girls" breathe. He slipped one hand behind his head as the other still held the gift.

(OOC: Please don't make every post in the topic this long lol. I am just trying to kill some time.)

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Sake Party and You're Invited!
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