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 Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight)

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Hisashi Ryuta

Hisashi Ryuta

Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight) Empty
PostSubject: Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight)   Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight) EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 11:25 am

Hisashi walks onto the grounds, and finds that this place has less distractions than any other place in the Soul Society. It was a quiet night, which was preferable for him, as he liked the night, so that no one would disturb him. "This looks like a nice spot." Hisashi sits in a meditation position in the center of the ground, concentrates with his zanpaktou in his lap. "Here goes nothing." An aura appears over himself, as he finds himself in front of a volcano.

Hisashi looked around with a blank expression on his face. "Well, Looks like I made it, but where do I go from here?" Because of the volcano, the air was humid and hot, maybe hot enough to burn noraml people, but Hisashi didnt feel it. "This place....feels, familar. Hisashi looked on top of the volcano and felt a large spirtual pressure, rivaling that of his. Hisashi put his hands in his pockets and faced the volcano. "There you are" Hisashi walked up the volcano.

He felt himself getting hotter and hotter, as he started to sweat. "Oh man, i thought you werent supposed to feel anything. As he reaches the peak of the volcano, he sees a pit of lava inside the bowl of the volcano, sensing the spiritual pressure. Hisashi calls out into the volcano. "Hello, Is anyone there?" The volcano shook a little, responding to his voice. Hisashi then looked inside it with a blank expression. "I know that you dont want me to jump in here, right?" The volcano shook again, this a little larger than before. Hisashi took his hands out of his pockets and prepared himself. "All right then" Hisashi then jumped head first into the pit of lava.

Hisashi looked around as he held his breath, trying to find the reistsu that he sensed before. Hisashi felt strange, as he wondered why he wasnt dead right now. Wow, This is weird, Im in lava, yet i feel like im swimming in water." Hisashi then found a opening in the volcano, a large hole at the bottom. But as he moved forward, he saw nothing but black. He suddenly felt a sucking sensation, right into the black hole, suddenly finding himself in front of a traditional japanese temple, with the kanji of fire on the top of it. Hisashi stood up and examined the temple carefully, still sensing the reiatsu, which was emitting from the temple.

Hisashi carefully walked towards the temple, not knowing what was about to happen. "Well, I think I made it, Now lets pay "him" a visit." Hisashi stood in front of the doors, but as he was about to knock on them, the doors opened by themselves, almost recognizing who he was. he appears in a large room with a shine on the other side. He walks steadily to it, calling out to "Him". "Hey, I know you are here, Show yourself." Hisashi ends up at the shine and looks at it carefully, as it had a sword which resembled his. As he went in to touch it, a figure rushed at him with a sword, as Hisashi turned around and clashed with it. Hisashi jumped back as the shadowy figure remained in the shadow. Hisashi smiled, so i finally found you." The person stepped out of the shadow, revealing himself in front of Hisashi. He was dressed in a traditional japanese samurai armor, with covered his enitire person, except his face, which was that of a early 30's year old man, with long white hair which led down to his back. Good evening my lord

Hisashi put his hands into his pocket and sighed. "Why so formal?" The samurai got and bowed. "I am Sorry, My lord, I promise not to be so formal" Hisashi was slightly confused, as to why a unfamiliar samurai was obeying him, but then he smiled and figured out why. He looked at the samurai with a smirk. "Hey, whats your name? The samurai still bowed at him. "My name is Kouken Gyougu, Your Zanpaktou

Im taking a break right now, but this will be open to anyone who wants to fight

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Hisashi Ryuta

Hisashi Ryuta

Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight)   Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight) EmptyThu Aug 26, 2010 11:01 pm

Hisashi smiled and looked down at the floor, almost chuckling as he looked back up at his zanpaktou. Kouken looked back at him with much confusion on his face. "Is there something wrong, My lord" Hisashi smiled boredly at him. "No, its just that....I already know who you are, but i have just forgotten what you looked like." After he said that, Kouken's face dropped in embarrassment, as he fell to the floor. After all the times we have been through, you forgot about me? Hisashi sighed and put his hands into his pockets. "Ok, get up, your master commands it" Kouken immediately got up and wiped away his tears, standing in a formal position, acting like nothing ever happened. "So Master, Why have you come? Hisashi sighed. "To tell you the truth, I have no idea, but if i have to choose a reason, I need to learn bankai."

Kouken nodded as he understood. They both stood in front of each other awkward until Hisashi said something. "So.." Kouken's face was once again filled with confusion. "I dont understand, my Lord" Hisashi sighed. "So, I you gonna give it to me or not"
"Give you what, my lord"
"My bankai, Are you going to give it to me or not?"
Kouken gave Hisashi a grin look, almost like he was ashamed of something. "Im sorry Master, But in order for you to obtain your bankai, you must prove it to me."
Hisashi grunted in frustration, and pointed angrily at Kouken. "As your Master, I command you to tell me your real name." Kouken got on the floor and bowed to Hisashi. His voived sounded like he was about to cry. "Im sorry Master, I truly am" Hisashi sighed in annoyance. "Ah man, I came all the way here for nothing" Hisashi looked around trying to figure out how to obtain it" Hisashi looked at Kouken and sighed. "Get up." Kouken immediately got up.
"How do I get it then" Kouken nodded.
Well, Sir, Thats for you to figure out Hisashi looked at him annoyed in which Kouken put his head back to the floor. Hisashi looked at Kouken and turned around and sighed. "Kouken.....Thank you" Kouken raised his head and smiled.

Hisashi woke up from his mediation and stood up, stretching his arms and legs and cracking his back. Hisashi looked around the area, as it was slightly darker than it was when he went under. He sighed as he thought about what Kouken said. "I need to figure it out for my myself. what the hell does that mean?" Hisashi looked around the empty field and crossed his arms. "Maybe I need to fight someone, maybe if i fight hard enough, I will invoke the powers." Hisashi sat back down in the middle of the field and crossed his arms, waiting for the first person to come here, wether they want to fight or not.
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Hisashi's Inner World (Open, Fight)
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