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 You don't want it kids...

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You don't want it kids... Empty
PostSubject: You don't want it kids...   You don't want it kids... EmptyWed Aug 18, 2010 8:53 pm

He stepped through the garganta lightly looking upon the beautiful blue sky that made him want to gag. The same blue ambiance that never changed, or rather rarely. The same pititful smell and cloudless blue that made him want to puke all over what he saw. It was like a very painful painting that you would just want to rip apart. He felt this way for five thousand years.

Ahh the sights the sights at this very very high vantage point well above rukongai. Everything could be seen from here and it was very sad and sickening to him in the worst ways. He sighed feeling pain from memories as well as his right arm. It started to burn as his right hand became different, glowing.

He sighed seeing as time was of the esscense and his time was running out quite fast. he sighed ripping the sleeve from his right arm and drawing his zanpakuto. "BANKAI" was all he screamed as a black glove appeared upon his hand and he sighed at the sickness of what was about to happen as the fiery dome surrounded the entirety of rukongai. Every single last inch of every district.

He smiled as he placed his hand across his face and drug it across making the mask that marked him as what he was appeared on his face. He looked quickly to his right hand where the glove now had a white skull on it. He cringed as the pain increased. To finish it he placed his hand upon the fiery dome. The glove turned silver and as he focused his reitsu into the dome the flames stayed in place, but a new wave collapsed filling it completely.

Everything inside and i do mean everything was obliterated completely with the souls and reitsu of everything destroyed including the fiery dome and mask flew into the glove. It turned from black to golden with a black glove and a sliver flaming aura surrounding it. He sighed loosing nearly all of his reitsu just haning enough to rip open a garganta traveling to the next area of his mission. There was no longer a rukongai, but a king's key now intact on him, in him, and through him the souls and reitsu now in the glove that sunk back into his skin. He walked through the eternal blackness heading to the next phase.

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You don't want it kids...
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